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   VINO100 is pleased to feature VINO+UNIVERSITY  


 Wine, wine and more wine: Classes are structured like a VINO100 tasting and conducted work-shop; meaning students explore and learn, through wine.

With you in mind: Classes are typically designed to be smaller(less than 16 people per class) so instructors have more time to give to each student.

Registering: We provide are students with exclusive benefits, as we know that they are learning. Students Save $: on wine purchases, as well as enrolling in more than one course, as well as access to Student-Only Events and Specials. 

Call or email Instructors to register and schedule your class.


VINO+UNIVERSITY Offers A Customizable Curriculum:

  • 100 - Level Courses: 

 Introductory Courses that help you navigate the vast wonders, world, history and fundatmentals of Wine & more. . . We offer several courses that cover everythings from Tasting Wine to Home Wine Making. We give you the tools to help you find what you enjoy. 

  • 200 - Level Courses: 

 Intermediate Courses that cover Current wine trends, brands, in-depth looks at styles of wine, and even on service & salemenship for the professional.

  • 300 - Level Courses: 

 Advanced Courses that cultivate a growing passion, offering experiences that transcend decades. Designed for those that wish to begin travel, a wine collection, wine maturing/aging, wine as investment or seeking the rare. 


Time/Dates:   Currenly regular scheduling for Sundays 12:00pm to 2:30pm

(Other dates subject to volume)




VINO+UNIVERSITY classes are non-transferrable, have no cash value and may not be redeemed for in exchange for cash. Taxes, fees and gratuity are applied to final instore value and restrictions apply. Any vouchers or discounts purchased or gifted must be surrenered at time of redemption, and photocopies of official documents cannot be accepted. Any voucher or discount is subject to respective maximums or minimums. Vouchers and discounts cannot be combinedin one session. VINO+UNIVERSITY does not offer certifications or degree programs upon completion of courses and is not a substitution for institutional education. Terms and conditions of VINO+UNIVERSITY are subject to change at any time. As value of class once registered does not expire, VINO+UNIVERSTIY reserves the right to move, cancel, or  transfer location, based on event calendar needs. 

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